Products / Trailing Power Cables

We supply heavy duty high voltage portable power cables for draglines, shovels, dredges, drills and for power feeders.

These cables have extremely tough and abrasion resistant jacket capable of withstanding harshest environments in surface mines. The physical properties of the jacket in crush, cut-through and abrasion resistance far exceed those of common thermoset rubber jackets. Further these cables remain flexible in low temperature and are not negatively affected by ultraviolet rays. The result is less damage to the power cable, less downtime of equipment and increased productivity.

The cables are considerably lighter in weight thus making it easier to handle in applications involving shovels, draglines and drills in surface mines.

The cable construction involves standard flexible stranding, extruded standard shielding EPR insulation, copper / nylon braid shield, two grounds and one ground check. The conductors are cabled together with rubber fillers and a separate overall tape with reinforced webbing.

The cables conform to IPCEA Standard S-75-381/NEMA WC-58, ASTM B-172 & B-33.