Needle Valves

Multiport Needle Valves

The multiport needle valves offer an economical solution for pressure instruments mounting. They include vent and additional connections for drainage channels in the piping or system where they are applied.

They are especially suited for simultaneous use of standard gauge and pressure gauge or pressure gauge with transmitter.

They are available in different varieties of connections, length, materials and seal type (PTFE or graphite).

Valves are available with pressure rating of 6000 psi or 10000 psi.


Threaded Multiport Needle Valve: Mod. 160 … 163 (PDF)
Butt Weld Multiport Needle Valve – BW: Mod. 165 BW – 166 BW (PDF)
Socket Weld Multiport Needle Valve – SW: Mod. 168 SW – 169 SW (PDF)

Options (PDF)
Graphs (PDF)

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