Engineering Services

Vintech Ltd has a well experienced team of engineers that provide project engineering services.

We offer the following engineering services:

Site surveys: Visit of technical specialists to project site (existing or new) and document relevant information.

Feasibility reports: Preliminary assessment of technical data and preparation of project reports complete with safety and feasibility aspects.

Budgetary cost estimation: Estimation of cost with breakdown in major categories and future forecast.

Conceptual Design: Basic guideline specifications for eventual development of the project.

Project Scheduling & Planning: Scheduling of the project with systematic approach for effective project control, cost control, monitoring and timely completion.

Issue of bids: Material requisition, technical bid evaluation and vendor selection process. Issue of specifications with purchase order.

Project Specifications: Data sheets, Material selection, bill of materials, sizing calculations and detailed specifications for procurement and project development.

Project Drawings: Layout drawings, P & I drawings, Electrical wiring drawings, Process hook up diagrams & Drawings for Construction.

Software Development: Application software for Process Control, Process Analyzers, Electrical System & Data Management.

Systems Integration: SCADA, DCS, PLC, Power Monitoring, Process Analyzers and Sample Conditioning System

We work with closely with our clients to provide customized solutions.

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