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Vintech Ltd offers Quality Assurance and Quality Control Services to clients across different industries. Our services help reduce risk and ensure that purchasers receive the products and services conforming to their specifications and relevant technical standards.

At Vintech Ltd, we assign a dedicated Project Co-ordinator to work closely with the client to identify the exact level of service required. Based on the client’s requirement, the co-ordinator identifies a candidate with the right level of technical expertise and experience. The Project Co-ordinator then assigns the best-qualified inspector for the specific assignment.

The Project Co-ordinator will provide a detailed assignment to the field inspector, which includes clear instructions identifying exactly what activities are required, details of any specific client requirements and expectations.

We perform Inspection, Expediting and Vendor Assessment QA/QC services.

Inspection Assignments:

At Vintech Ltd, we perform surveillance inspections, final pre-shipment inspections and resident inspections.

Surveillance inspections: We perform surveillance inspections at various stages of manufacturing according to client’s instructions and approved Quality Control Plan.

Final pre-shipment inspection: We carry out final inspection prior to shipment to verify “Fit for Purpose” and dispatch to project site.

Resident inspection: When continuous monitoring is required, we provide a Resident Inspector to verify compliance to all client and statutory controlling specifications. Procedures, equipment, qualifications and certifications are verified for compliance. Manufacturing and inspection processes are monitored during the various stages of production and testing.

Our inspectors carry out visual inspections, verification and compliance to technical specifications, verification of drawings, welding inspections, coating inspections, witnessing performance tests, NDT, PMI and other tests as per quality control plans.

Vendor Assessment:

Vintech provides services for the development of approved vendor lists. Our specialists visit the manufacturing facility to perform assessment of:

  • Vendor’s experience and performance track record
  • Vendor’s resources, facilities and manpower
  • Vendor’s quality management system

We assist clients to assess and pre-qualify the vendors prior to contract award.

Expediting Services:

In any project, delays in delivery of materials, products or equipment to their final destination can prove to be very expensive. We provide services to expedite orders and ensure on time completion of manufacturing and shipment.


The types of equipment we inspect include the following but is not limited to:

  • Flow meters, transmitters, pressure switches, level switches and other field instruments.
  • Process analyzers, sample conditioning systems and analyzer shelters.
  • Fire & Gas detection systems.
  • Distributed Control Systems, Control Panels and PLCs.
  • Burner Management Systems.
  • Emergency Shutdown Systems.
  • Turbine Control Systems.
  • Electric motors and generators.
  • Variable Frequency Drives.
  • Compressors, Turbines, Pumps, Rotating machinery.
  • Vibration Monitoring Systems.
  • Transformers, power distribution panels and switchgear.
  • Solar panels.
  • Cables, junction boxes and accessories.
  • Control valves, on-off valves and safety valves.
  • Cathodic protection systems.
  • Pressure vessels and Piping & Tubing materials.
  • Integrated packages and skids for various processes.