Iblok Series Ball Valves

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Indra Iblok Series Ball Valves are designed to replace conventional multiple-valves installations.

These valves are made with one single integral body with floating ball, and provide Single Block (SB), Double Block (DB), Single Block & Bleed (SBB) or Double Block & Bleed (DBB) functions. Iblok Ball Valves are available with 14 mm bore series (different and/or full bore on demand) and/or combined ball/needle.

Indra Iblok Ball Valves can be mounted on vessels or process pipes, allowing direct mounting of pressure instruments.

Now available are lblok Series ANSI B16.10 Standard pipeline valves. The valves are available as two or three piece designs and are suitable for piping pressure isolation. These valves are available with floating and trunnion design, full & reduced bore, soft or metal seat and are face to face in accordance with ASME B16.10.

SB-DB-SBB-DBB Ball Valves – Threaded
Mod. 590…891
SB-DB-SBB-DBB Ball Valves – Welded
Mod. 592…896
SB-DB-SBB-DBB Ball Valves – Flanged/Threaded
Mod. 597…897
SB-DB-SBB-DBB Ball Valves Full Bore – Flanged/Threaded
Mod. 597 FB…897 FB
SB-DB-SBB-DBB Ball Valves – Flanged/Flanged
Mod. 598…898
SB-DB-SBB-DBB Ball Valves Full Bore – Flanged/Flanged
Mod. 598 FB…898 FB
SB-DB-SBB-DBB Ball Valves – Sampling / Injection
Mod. 597 S/I…898 S/I
SB-DBB Split Body Trunnion Ball Valves
SB-DBB API 3000 / 5000 / 10000 Ball Valves
DBB Ball Valves – Integral Metal Seat