Iblok Series Needle Valves

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Indra Iblok Series Needle Valves are designed to replace conventional multiple valves installations.

These valves are made with one single integral body with 5mm through hole, and provide Single Block (SB), Double Block (DB), Single Block & Bleed (SBB) or Double Block & Bleed (DBB) functions.

Indra Iblok Series Needle Valves can be mounted on vessels or process pipes, allowing direct mounting of pressure instruments.

SB-DB-SBB-DBB Needle Valves – Threaded
Mod. 130…191
SB-DB-SBB-DBB Needle Valves – Welded
Mod. 135…196
SB-DB-SBB-DBB Needle Valves – Flanged/Threaded
Mod. 137…197
SB-DB-SBB-DBB Needle Valves – Flanged/Flanged
Mod. 138…198